‘The whole systems approach that John introduced to engage the whole Council, and the challenge he brought to our own understanding of what we needed to do to improve, was invaluable’. Daniel Ratchford
Assistant Chief Executive
Islington Council (2005)
‘John brought a new perspective to the issues we were trying to address. The questions he asked made us think differently about what we were trying to achieve.’

Alison Denton
HR and Organisational Development Director
Pagan Osborne
‘John provided superb support and rigorous challenge to get to the heart of the problems at Castle Point’. Tom Moloney
Interim Chief Executive
Castle Point Borough Council (2004)

Transforming Performance | Organisations

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Transforming organisational performance

Our work starts with your strategic issues, for example:

Creating a shift in the organisational culture that rapidly impacts performance.

Sustainably raising performance in areas that are under-performing.

Developing a leadership programme that builds new capabilities and delivers business results.


Our organisational performance work is:

  • Transformative - we have a track record of working collaboratively with clients to create breakthroughs on tough problems.
  • Integrated - we focus on the business issues of most concern, and simultaneously we develop leadership capability across the system and work with leaders to create the necessary shifts in culture.
  • Appreciative and challenging - we work with you to identify what is creating the best of current performance as well as illuminating personal and organisational blind spots.
  • Focused - we identify the smallest intervention in the system you can make that will produce the necessary shift in culture and performance that is required.

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